Clairolfaction - the ability of psychic smelling, such as diseases, hunger or the smell of someone dying days, weeks or even months before they do.

Blue Parker was just an average teenage boy, hanging out at the mall with his friends on a Saturday. It was a typical day until she walked by…

Do you smell that? She smells like rotten food, like a dead animal on the road. Worse than that. She smells like death.

His father told him he had a gift. He could warn people months, maybe even years, before they died. He could save their lives. He never thought his father would lie to him, but he did. He never thought his friends would abandon him, but they did. Everyone except his best friend.

He called me Fire.

Blue ran his hand through my hair, his fingers clinging to tendrils of red, pushing strands away from my forehead as it danced in the gusts of wind that pressed against us. “Your hair's like fire."

It was the day Vince died and became Fire.

My life was perfect until Blue disappeared.

In a deadly game of cat and mouse, two men, who fell in love as teenagers, risk their lives to be together again.











Why is the cat named after Aunt Loretta?

It’s just one of the many questions I never thought I’d ask in my lifetime. I mean, who has to ask why a cat is named after your aunt? It’s not something that normally comes up in dinner conversation. Of course, I never imagined I’d have to move back home to Fairview either. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. Sometimes life chooses for you. Unemployed and nearly broke, home is the only logical decision I could make, especially when my four-year-old son is counting on me.

My name is Jake and, besides being unemployed and nearly broke, I’m keeping a secret. Well, to be honest, I think I’m keeping a secret. I’ve lived in the big city for nearly ten years and the thought of moving back to a small farm town like Fairview feels like punishment. But to my surprise, it’s just the opposite. It turns out to be the best thing that's ever happened to me… 


There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home on a Friday afternoon after a hard week of work. To Evan weekends are when life really begins, spending quiet Friday nights at home with Jacob; sleeping in on Saturday mornings;  shopping in Market Square downtown; going to the movies after Sunday brunch with friends. It has defined his life with Jacob for twenty happy years.

Then, one Friday he comes home and his whole world is shattered.

Determined to help Evan through his sorrow his best friends, Curt and Donna, decide to keep him distracted by taking him to Curt’s favorite hangout.  It seems the harder they try the more Evan resists, that is, until he meets Jase.

The hottest bartender in town, Jase, with his blond hair and blue-eyed good looks, is the center of attention and the object of every man’s desire.  Never in a million years would Evan think that Jase could be attracted to someone like him: a nerdy, middle-aged accountant with high blood pressure. It takes Evan’s best friends to convince him that he is the kind of man Jase is looking for.

But just as the relationship between Evan and Jase blossoms, tragedy strikes and Evan is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever. Will he do what his heart tells him or what his guilt demands?


Mirrors always staring.

He was only nine years old when he survived an unspeakable crime, a crime so horrific it left him with no memory of what happened. All he was sure of was that his mother was missing and he was forced to live with a stranger.

Growing up in his new surroundings he pretends that his life is normal, but it isn’t. He’s different because of what happened to him, only he doesn’t know why and he doesn’t know how. Strange dreams haunt his sleep. Flashes of memories appear seemingly from nowhere, warning him of a monster growing inside him, offering him no answers except the inspiration to draw a picture that even he doesn’t understand.

Desperate for answers he begins his own search into his past, but when he discovers the tragic truth it unleashes an anger that he can’t control. Thoughts of revenge and the need for justice consume him and destroy his life. Dejected and left to fend for himself on the streets of Chicago, could his desire for justice lead him to become a serial killer? There's something about evil that I want inside me...

By any measure Sean Tyler has the perfect life. He is a rising star in the FBI; he has a fantastic apartment in New Orleans and the pleasure of being one of the sexiest men alive. New Orleans is the ideal city for a man that loves wild nights and wild men. As a special agent of the FBI his job affords him the ability to indulge his dark fantasies of seducing criminals before arresting them.

When he is assigned a case in his hometown the past that he left behind comes flooding back. The secret that he still hides, a boyhood crush, his first love, his sexual awakening, all of it is still waiting for him. As he assists the local police in their murder investigation the secrets of his past begin to reflect in the clues of the case. It's only when he realizes that dealing with the demons in his own life will he be able to stop a serial killer.

This book is intended for mature audiences. After surviving a tragic accident all Rachel Warrick wants is for her life to be normal again. Summer break is coming up and that means vacation, parties and spending lots of time hanging out at the lake. There's so much to look forward to as she and her friends prepare for their senior year in high school. It should be the most exciting time of her life. If only there hadn't been an accident. If only she could tell someone what really happened. If only someone would believe her.

Tired of ignoring her friends, Rachel agrees to go with Trevor to Dana's party. Sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories, Rachel realizes that she can still have fun and not feel guilty. Trevor is persuaded to tell the story of the Night Reaper, a ghost that haunts the woods nearby. It's a story that rings frighteningly true. When Trevor, Hank and Mike decide to prove the story is not an old superstition they uncover a dark secret that will change Rachel's life forever and could end up killing them all… The phone rings.

Will is glad he didn't go straight to bed after his shift. The call is probably Derek. After a night of bar hopping he’s probably too drunk to drive and needs a ride home.

At such a late hour Reverend Wallace wonders which elderly member of his congregation has died.

Nearly asleep Laura knows she shouldn't answer the phone in the middle of the night, but it could be her husband who is out of town.

They are wrong.

In the wake of a senseless and horrific crime a city is torn apart and a nation is in shock. As investigators delve into the lives of the suspect and the victims they unravel an even darker mystery. A grieving community will struggle to deal with the consequences of the secrets that are revealed. Secrets that will leave no life untouched. Forced to come out of the closet to prove his innocence in a brutal murder, Detective Derek Cooper is warned by the police chief not to get involved in the case. Consumed with guilt, Derek knows he must unravel the secrets of his own drunken actions on the night of the murder in order to help find the killer. When he is asked to work with the detectives on the case he must face his own personal demons that he has ignored for years. As they struggle to solve the bizarre murder, Derek realizes the pieces of the puzzle aren't going to fit and a more sinister element could be involved. He then realizes something even more frightening: he could be falling in love… The Morrelini saga continues.

Adam desperately tries to save his family through the blood of the second life. While he seeks the knowledge and understanding of the journey of the dead he senses a sinister presence watching him. Fearful for his family and his village he unknowingly summons the aid of all who have been changed by the blood. As the surviving victims of Antony's horrific experiments converge on Kensington old scores will be settled and secrets they have kept hidden will be revealed. But their desire for revenge will be overshadowed by armies of men determined to capture or destroy the powerful beings for their own purposes. They must join together to protect those they love from power hungry kings and from the coming wrath of their creator. The country is petrified by a rogue criminal known as Killer Ghost who posts videos online of his brutal crimes. Pursued by federal and state authorities as a domestic terrorist, the Killer Ghost randomly slaughters his chosen victims and burns churches with no obvious patterns officials can track.

Danny, a desperate young hustler, is rescued and befriended by a stranger. As if falling from the sky the stranger he calls Blue Eyes is a dream come true giving Danny a chance to start a brand new life. But happiness is short lived when Danny realizes the stranger who is tormented by horrific events in his past could be the Killer Ghost determined to destroy everything and everyone in his way and avenge a past he did not deserve.

Snap is the story of two people in which right and wrong no longer matter. It is a journey not to discover redemption but to survive and to avenge. When the real world offers nothing but loss and sorrow some men are determined to make the entire world pay. Adam O’Brien closed his eyes to go to sleep. When he woke four days later his world was gone. He was alone. His parents had disappeared. The gaping wound on his head and the scratches on his arms were the only testimony to a tragic horror.

Waking in a room of luxury that seemed familiar he was greeted by Nicolas, a friendly stranger, who provided him a haven to rest and recuperate. It was not long before Adam realized something was very wrong and all that was held true was a lie. An unnatural presence lurked in the shadows, a force as strong as the devil. As Nicolas slowly offers Adam the answers he desperately seeks and reveals an unspeakable crime, Adam comes to understand that he is connected to a family cursed for thousands of years, born to bear a burden even they don’t understand.

The Raised begins the epic saga of the Morrelini family. Endowed with spectacular wealth and influence the Morrelinis arrive in post Civil War America and unleash a horror they cannot control. Spanning centuries The Raised is a story of revenge, betrayal and the supernatural. In their world of secrets there are some who are determined to make sure the truth stays dead.