2019 has been a quiet year for me, so far. But that is about to change. I'm working on a new novel as we speak, my first foray into science fiction and the paranormal. I'm excited about this project which was inspired by a vivid dream that I experienced with many graphic details and horrors. I look forward to sharing more information about this project as we draw closer to the publication date.


Cover Reveal for Sour

I am proud to post the paperback cover for my new novel Sour.  Eight months in the making I am feeling both relief and nervous about the publication. I hope this cover gets you excited for the novel itself.


Life Lesson

Walking to lunch a nurse is pushing a patient in a wheelchair to the parking lot. The patient was my age or younger, his body shriveled and he was weak but determined to stand up and get in the car. I slowed my steps to watch and offer help if the nurse needed it. But he stood up and moved his fragile body to the car. I walked on by, offered a smile, and headed on to lunch once again being reminded how lucky I am....


Paperback cover for Heartland


Paperback cover for Feels like Friday