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Allen makes his home in Knoxville, Tennessee and is a native Tennessean.  A graduate of Tennessee's oldest college, Tusculum, he frequently appeared in the small press and underground zines of the early to mid 1990s.  A published poet and artist, he has tackled controversial subjects and is making a name for himself in dark fiction.  He marked his return to the world of fiction with the publication of his first novel The Raised in October of 2011. In April of 2012 the psychological thriller Snap was released to rave reviews. Deemed one of the most original and controversial works of fiction in years, Snap is an unapologetic look at hate, revenge and religion. The Falling, released January, 2013 continues the story of the Morrelini family and the consequences of Nicolas' actions in The Raised. Bridge Water, released in August of 2013 begins the mysterious and humorous story of Detective Derek Cooper and his relationship with fellow officers, friends and the neighbor's cat. Ambiguity continues the story of several Bridge Water characters in a shocking and controversial murder mystery. Inspired by the scary stories told around campfires and the dinner table as a child, Superstitious marks Allen's debut into young adult thrillers that appeal to everyone of any age.  In August of 2015 Allen released his most controversial novel to date with the erotic thriller Rogue. Always seeking to challenge his own insecurities and push the boundaries of fiction, Rogue delves into the sexuality of southern Alpha male types behind closed doors, revealing the dynamics of sexual exploration and the secrets often told to mask a man's true feelings. Weeds in the Sidewalk, in 2016, is a story that brought the horror of homelessness, child abuse and prostitution into the light, delving into the darkness of despair and coming through on the otherside with hope. 2017 brings new excitement to Allen's book catalogue with the release of the romantic tearjerker, Feels like Friday.  The summer of 2017 brought his first romantic comedy, Heartland. Sour, Allen's latest novel, returns him to the dark side in an erotic, psychological thriller unlike anything you've ever read.

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