A Ghostly Experience? 
Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 01:26PM
Allen Renfro


Something very strange happened on the morning of Sunday, February 7 around 6:30. The old Bakers-Peters mansion is down the street from where I live, located at the corner of Kingston Pike and North Peters. I was out early and I came to the red light, in the middle lane with a pickup truck to my left. The traffic light can be a little long in waiting so we are sitting there waiting in the dark. The streets are all empty at such an early time on a Sunday.  Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere a silhouette breaks across the truck's headlights like somebody walking across the street in front of us.  But nobody was there. I looked over at the driver and it was a moment frozen with surprised looks on both our faces as if to ask.... Did you see what I just saw?

The Bakers-Peters Mansion is reputedly haunted by Dr. Abner Baker who treated soldiers during the Civil War. It is believed that union soldiers, angry that the doctor was treating confederate soldiers, demanded he turn over the soldiers. Dr. Baker is believed to have locked himself inside a room on the upstairs floor, refusing to turn over the men.  He was shot through the door by a union soldier and died from his wounds. It is also believed that Dr. Baker's son, shot and killed the union soldier that shot Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker's son may have also been killed during the fight but it's hard to confirm this with certainty. Several have reported experiences inside the mansion of cold spots, lights turning on and off and whispering. But there have also been reports of people seeing figures in the windows and moving shadows on the grounds.

Have you had an experience at Bakers-Peters Mansion or any other strange or bizarre experience? Would you like to share it anonymously? Contact me here!

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